Zanu PF violence

Human Rights Violations

Brutal Beating of MDC Official#EnoughisEnough
Last week in Zimbabwe, one of the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) (Zimbabwe’s main opposition party) youth Sekai Marashe aka Muchaina (pictured) was brutalised and assaulted.  Where is the woman’s rights?  Where is the protection and where is the democracy?  Those in power, in the government are meant to protect the woman.  Instead, they spread malicious lies.  Dr Energy Mudoti a prominent ZANU PF minister tweeted, “no matter how democratic our government can be, we can never guarantee that drunkards & prostitutes stop fighting”.  For a minister to stoop that low in attack of a vulnerable young woman instead of protecting her is gut wrenchingly sickening.  He is using his platform and authority to discredit the crying, the broken and the vulnerable. 
Not Just Sekai but also a well-known comedian, Samatha Kureya aka “Gonyeti,” who uses her talent, humour, wit and her platform to be an activist against the Zanu pf regime was abducted, tortured, threatened and told to stop and not speak of it.  They broke her but she will fight on and the National News paper, The herald has gone and published her full name and address to continue the intimidation.