Zanu PF violations

It’s very simple.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and their apparent communications to the Home Office do not have sufficient, nor up-to-date information to support a ‘broad-brush’ policy to deport or remove up to 100 Zimbabweans per month. A "deal" aparently made between the British Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe and the ruling Zanu PF "Government".

Irrespective of flights with 50 or less Zimbabweans on board plus the attendant “Support Staff” [Guards] Zimbabwe has become a very dangerous place for anybody connected with any opposition party, any human rights activist, journalists etc. Even now the Zimbabwean Government is pressuring NGO’s not to speak out concerning anything [to do with the Zanu PF Government]

If the Foreign Office would spend time talking with the MDC-A Opposition Party – in particular Tendia Biti, [Vice President] a gifted and committed Zimbabwean Politician, who ably steered the Finances of Zimbabwe during the “Unity Government”.

We have contact details if needed!

UK Government’s Latest Position: Sanctions

1st February 2021: In respect of Human Rights Abuses in Zimbabwe as stated on the UK Government Website; New Sanctions imposed.

Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab said:

"These sanctions send a clear message that we will hold to account those responsible for the most egregious human rights violations, including the deaths of innocent Zimbabweans."

"These sanctions target senior individuals in the Government, and not ordinary Zimbabweans. We will continue to press for the necessary political and economic reforms that will benefit all Zimbabweans."

These sanctions are in addition to our work to hold the Government of Zimbabwe to account in implementing genuine political and economic reforms that benefit all Zimbabweans.

Policy Change is Apparent

It has also come to our attention that since the week commencing 5th July 2021, the Home Office enforcement unit has been detaining large numbers of Zimbabweans for the purpose of deporting / removing them on chartered flights the first of which is scheduled to depart on Wednesday 21st July 2021. Those being targeted are mainly those without leave to remain and / or have no live leave to remain applications filed with the Home Office. Top of the list are those with a criminal record in the United Kingdom

It is our considered view that many of the deportees face imminent danger if they return to Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe Corruption is institutionalised

11th July 2021

Tendai Biti had described the IMF as “a naïve and dishonest institution” after it published a report forecasting a 7% growth in Zimbabwe’s economy.

Zimbabwe has been robbed of US$24’6 billion of public funds between 2015 and 2019, former finance minister Tendai Biti said. He also said that Zimbabwe is also losing US$3.6 billion through Gold and Cigarette smuggling annually.

Between 2009 and 2014, US$15 billion worth of diamonds were plundered. The total figure of US$43.2 billion of looted public funds and plundered natural resources is enough to run Zimbabwe hospitals for 900 years.

Zimbabwe on the Ground – a very dangerous Place

10th July 2021

HUMAN rights organisations have reported President Emmerson Mnangagwa to the United Nations (UN) and the African Union (AU) for overseeing worsening gross human rights violations in the country.

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Southern African, and the Human Rights Defenders Network have dispatched a letter to UN special rapporteurs and their AU partners.

In their petition, the rights groups raise a red flag over a “disturbing trend in Zimbabwe of weaponising the criminal justice system”.

They also accuse Mnangagwa’s administration, which came into power in November 2017 following a military coup that removed strongman Robert Mugabe from office, of abusing the courts to punish dissenting individuals who are mostly opposition politicians, activists, and journalists.

5th July 2021

Citizens in Action Southern Africa (CAISA) is deeply concerned about the deteriorating state of human rights in parts of the region in recent weeks. Of special concern are the situations prevailing in Republic of South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Eswatini. These four countries are facing three unique situations which however have a common thread of human rights violations passing through them.

CAISA is also worried about the closure of operating space for civil society in Zimbabwe where authorities are making illegal demands regarding the operations of NGOs and civil society organisations. We call on the Government of Zimbabwe to respect and uphold Constitutionally guaranteed rights to assembly and freedom of expression which form the bedrock of civil society work.

Zimbabwe Crises and Appendixes 1 and 2 are on the following pages

Signed on behalf of

Movement for Democratic Change [MDC] Alliance in the United Kingdom

Zimbabwe African People's Union [ZAPU] UK and Europe

Restoration Of Human Rights Zimbabwe UK Chapter

Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation

Movement for Justice