Zanu PF violations

2021 08 21 at 09.31.29aOn the very early morning of [6:30AM] 21st August 2021, ZHRO members [19 in all] walked for the 5th time [at 65 miles each year, means that the have walked hundreds of miles in the UK]  wearing ZHRO T shirts, flying Zimbabwean flags and  handing out flyers spreading the message against deportation of Zimbabweans back to Zimbabwe where they fled because of political crisis and dictatorship induced violence.
The "Walk For Freedom" [#WalkforFreedom] was aimed to conveyed a message to inspire the British public to support the cause. Photo-logs of both days on this test of endurance can be found here: Saturday 21st August 2021 and here for Sunday 22nd August 2021. Twitter links also can be found here: Twitter Post
Much more prevalent as the main reason for leaving Zimbabwe were factors that are related to abductions, torture, rape and many other human rights abuses  by ZANU PF leadership that has been going on for decades.  It is indeed safe for people in the UK to protest against what they feel is against Human Rights abuses compared to Zimbabwe. 
ZHRO’s Walk For Freedom was aimed to educate the British people about the deportation of individuals who oppose the Zimbabwean government back to Zimbabwe where they are going to face constant threat from the ZANU PF supporters and the State Security Forces that was given more powers to abuse activists and non-ZANU PF supporters after the constitutional amendment 2021. On the other hand, arbitrary arrests and other abuses against deportees will go unchallenged because of the strengthened dictatorship and the undermined judiciary. 2021 08 23 at 03.42.52
Every step that was taken by ZHRO members was taken with courage and every flyer they handed out was handed out with the hope that the British public will support the abolishment  of deportations by the Home Office and all the messages that were delivered were delivered with faith that the British people’s will understand the consequences and unpleasant results that will be faced by deportees.

By Elector Zvorwadza