Zanu PF violations

We will be handing over a 17 page written Petition to PM Rishi Sunak on 16th March at 2:00 - 10 Downing Street. 

NOW on CHANGE ORG @ This is intended to be a show of the diaspora feeling on an INTERNATIONAL basis.

Petition is a Joint effort by Peter from (Manchester CCC) and myself. Peter produced the four page introduction and description, outrage etc. ZHRO have supplied the referenced supporting articles, news reports, quotations etc. Page 17 are the signatures. This also includes Lord Jonny Oates - Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Group on Zimbabwe, and Chief Ndiweni

16 Mar 2023 Petition ref Job Sikhala

Also check out for latest updates and information.

In addition we have something planned outside the Palace of Westminster {Parliament} on the 10th April 2023 (However due to Westminster Holidays the 17th April looks more likely) but as it will have been 300 days for Job Sikhala!!
Lord Oates will be leading this event, which is an outrage by the Zanu PF regime, both an insult to the principles of democracy and demonstrating the "capture" of the Judiciary, by Zanu PF regime, which in under the misapprehension that the State is a dictatorship and can do anything it {the State Apparatus} pleases!
To this end we felt that it was important to provide a visual aid regarding Job Sikhala's INCARCERATION today at day 271!!
Job Sikhala 300 Days Incarcerated


""Lead by: Citizens Coalition for Change Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and Supported by many other groups within the Zimbabwean diaspora and their non-Zimbabwean supporter friends.- ZHRO, ROHR, ZAPU and others

""Summary: This petition is by the Zimbabweans Citizens in the Diaspora pleading with the international community to stop the Zimbabwe government from systematically conducting gross violations of human rights against members of the opposition party and in this particular case Job Sikhala. Job Sikhala is a Member of Parliament, Vice Chairperson of the opposition party Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in Zimbabwe, a lawyer and a family man who has been unlawfully incarcerated in Chikurubi maximum prison for the past nine months without trial.""

""This is gross violation of a citizen’s human rights perpetrated by the government because of his choice to affiliate with a political party of his choice and conducting his professional duties of representing victims of political violence. This action by the government of Zimbabwe constitutes violation of the Zimbabwean Constitution and the International Convention on Human Rights, therefore we petition the British government to find ways to stop this kind of brutality by a government upon its own citizens.""

Please come and join with us outside 10 Downing Street for the hand over at 2:00pm. We will be meeting initially outside the Zimbabwe Embassy at 429 The Strand, LONDON WC2R 0JR around 11:30 am and leaving from there at around 1:20pm