Zanu PF violations

Flyer Zanu PF Fools DayLovingly entitled, "Zanu PF Fool's Day"; the 1st April 2023 at the Zimbabwe Embassy was the initiation of the campaign to expose the criminality at the heart of the Zanu PF regime. The Zanu PF regime has held Zimbabwe, as a nation "hostage" for far too long - 43 years this April 18th in fact. [Full image log on ZHRO Flickr CLICK HERE ]

Those brave few present, coming from as far away as Manchester, Coventry, Northampton, Gosport and Littlehampton, were there to "represent" all Zimbabweans who have been utterly disenfranchised by the Zanu PF regime back in Zimbabwe. That's not to say that many more within the UK diaspora should have been present - and the 18th April 2023 Demonstration {at the Embassy} and Petition {to 10 Downing Street, home of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak} will prove the depth for feeling personified by #GoldMafia and other criminality by the regime.

Cold the brave Zimbabweans call for #ZanuPFMustGoThe numbers attending will always be a big factor when presenting a proposal and petition to the British - they are very much 'swayed' by the numbers - as they perceive "Voter Recognition" of an event or situation, that must be acted upon. The same is very true for pushing for democratic and humanitarian action to be promoted by the British within their sphere of influence, at both the UK Embassy in Harare AND on the International Stage. Here in the United Kingdom the Zimbabwean Diaspora has huge potential to assist those trapped by the regime in Zimbabwe. It is up to the diaspora to stand up and be counter {as the expression goes} and in this case literally too!

In November 2017 - the 18th November in fact: CLICK HERE to remember that day, the Hopes and Dreams for a Democratic Zimbabwe were Born - but now those dreams are left in tatters, as the nightmare began on that day inside the regimes psychotic imagination. Fast forward to March 2023 and the pre-launch of the Gold Mafia {at that time without a title - but certainly about corruption} many were apprehensive, most about an expose, but within the regime -'concern'.

Now the regime has gone past "concern" now it's {initially} ignoring it, but now the propaganda psychopaths have decided to "question" 2 years of under-cover research and 'stings' and to de-legitimise #Gold Mafia.

Rashiwe leading the protest song with voice and drumBut it's too late, the die has been cast, actions have been taken, the crimes are not just limited to within Zimbabwe. The blunder of the 'dunderheads' is that this "externalisation" of looting, money laundering and theft has enveloped the International Crime Agencies and Tax Authorities - and to a big part the "insult" to several sovereign nations who have found themselves a 'party' to criminality. Now this has opened the political ramifications. Already the Tax Authorities in the UK, Congressmen in the USA, are asking questions. Let alone the impacts politically in UK, USA, South Africa and the UAE. The latter are particularly discrete, and those involved in #GoldMafia could find themselves at-risk should they return. The USA, in particular are extremely sensitive to all aspects of money laundering of the USD {the $}, there are also 'questions' that have arisen about pallets of $100 Notes "lost" in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, who is to say that #GoldMafia are involved, but this dark-web of #GoldMafia has significant and very dark undertones.

So returning to the demonstration above, as merely a foretaste of a much larger outpouring of revulsion and disgust - on that cold and windy day. We salute the magnificent attendees and look forward very much to the much larger and far more promoted demonstration on Zanu PF Fool's Independence Day on the 18th April 2023 - 43 years of hurt for the vast majority, and the main part of the huge numbers of the Zimbabwean diaspora.

18th April Independence - Reflections of InjusticeBe THERE 12:00 Noon Zimbabwe Embassy, Tuesday 18th April 2023 - take the day off work - you could be starting the move to democracy AND the Take 2 Zimbabwe {#Take2Zimbabwe} for INDEPENDENCE! Please note that there is a further idea of a presence at the UAE Embassy, 1-2 Grosvenor Crescent, London, SW1X 7EE; at 10:30am {then, moving back to the Zimbabwe Embassy by 11:30am, so to arrive at the Zimbabwe Embassy by 12 noon} - However, for those travelling a long way, such a time maybe 'problematic' {due to costly peak fare bus or train fares during a weekday} so the default position must be to get to the Zimbabwe Embassy by 12 noon.