Zanu PF violence

For those with the 'feet of iron' to march through the streets of London to deliver 6 petitions in one day! here is the map and schedule and the approximate timetable for each delivery.

Assumptions - we have taken the view of a slow paced 4km/hr to cover the 13.4km (8.38 miles) this is based on previous experience and other walks that ZHRO have organised since 2016 {these are still ongoing, and for those inspired to participate please rewad the following articles CLICK HERE}

Timetable: Approximate times - please understand that many variables outside of our control will determine this timetable.

   Location: We are allowing 15 minutes at each stop     Start  Journey Time

Arrive Next stop

1  Trafalgar Square  London  WC2N 5DN 12:00 20 mins  12:20
2  Foreign Office {FCDO} King Charles Street  London  SW1A 2AH 12:35 84 mins  14:00
3  Senegal Embassy {long Walk!} 39 Marloes Road  London  W8 6LA 14:15 90 mins  15:45
4  Namibian Consulate {long walk Hyde Park/Oxford St} 6 Chandos St  London  W1G 9LU 16:00  5 mins  16:05
5  BBC {next door} Portland Place  London  W1A 1AA 1620  33 mins  16:53
6  Zimbabwe Embassy {Oxford Circus back} 429 The Strand  London  WC2R 0JR 16:53    


UPDATE: 19th July 2022


Link to Ordanance Survey Map - which with the OS Online App you will be able to follow on a smart phone CLICK HERE TO ACCESS