Zanu PF violations

Zanu PF Trade Mission Flops as Protesters raise concerns"Outward Trade Mission"!  -PLEASE AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

What a joke! For any investor there needs to be a few certainties in order to just consider an investment.

  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Legal System
  • Tax Implications
  • Availability of Labour and Capital

On every consideration Zimbabwe is a NO GO area!

Only those who want to get involved directly with graft, or corruption need apply.

Zimbabwe is run for the benefit of a few at the top of the sick Zanu PF regime. Looting is an "institution" in Zimbabwe.

For an investor the likelyhood of getting a return, or even protecting your investment is very, very low.

Caveat Emptor - in this case run for your life!

 The protest today was attended by a few Zimbabweans within the diaspora who feel that the 'regime' are just wanting investor's money so that they can continue looting!!