Zanu PF violations

SA DemoXenophobia [or more accurately AFRO-PHOBIA ] is an ugly facet on South African streets right now. Cyril Ramaphosa has done little to suppress the ghastly consequence of his "xenophobic-ticket" as he campaigned for President. Now the price of that travesty is being seen globally - but still the "luke-warm" condemnation is just not enough.
It is ironic that the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa, with the meeting being held in Cape Town, South Africa. How have other African leaders re-acted to the carnage? Well that remains to be seen - but there needs to be a public statement to be released by these "leaders", otherwise we may just as well ignore their meeting as a "talk Shop!
Location South African High Commission, SA House, Trafalgar Square. LONDON WC2N 5DP