Zanu PF violations

Namibian Consulates Petition On the 20th July 2022 in the UK we organised a petition:
ZHRO, MyRight2Vote and ROHR hand delivered petitions to the Embassies below on Wednesday 20th July 2022 regarding the persecution of opposition MP’s and members of CCC in Zimbabwe, Following on from the gruesome murder of Moreblessing Ali sometime between May 24th and 11th June this year. In addition other CCC Mp's are being held without charge as a blatant attempt at intimidation. MORE BACKGROUND Click Here --Twitter Alert link
  • We met at Trafalgar Square
  • Delivered our petition to FCDO ( Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office and the Minister for Africa - possibly Vicky Ford? But with the new Government who knows) - [CLICK for Petition Copy]
  • To the Ambassador to the Embassy of Senegal (As the Senegal President is currently Chair of the AU) - [CLICK for Petition]
  • To the Namibian Consulate (As the Namibian President is Chair of SADC) [Photo] - [CLICK for Petition]
  • The the BBC (close to the Namibian Consulate) - [CLICK for Petition]
  • It was too late to deal with the Zimbabwe Embassy [but their Scottish Consulate was SERVED!] - [CLICK for Petition]
  • We had walked nearly 9 miles to achieve this "Petition Extravaganza" Twitter Tweets

Now we should like the global diaspora to try a similar exercises in their locality over the coming weeks to suit their own timetables. Firstly to check on the address, ambassador/high commissioner names and e-mails of all the Embassies of Senegal, Consulates of Namibia, and the Embassies of Zimbabwe, please access this PDF with live web links [thanks go to for all this data] to them all GLOBAL EMBASSY CONTACT LIST - Click Here to Download or access.

Then you can copy the proforma body text [below - with Read More/Pages] to the Senegal Embassies and Namibian Consulates as shown here. Replace the name of the Ambassador with the name from the PDF database above. Also get the e-mail so you can send them "Notice of Petition Hand Over" [ before the the written petition will be available with an update to this article.] SEE Here for the Written Petition Templates in this article TEMPLATES this includes the Zimbabwe Embassy Templates.

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