Zimbabwe Leaders why wait to provide us with Temporarily Freebies during Election times only

It’s pathetic and disheartening of what is happening in my beloved country Zimbabwe, crying for the way it is been led by Zanu PF government. 

It is high time that the government understands that making a vote is an individual’s choice and liberty, which is influenced by the candidate's empathy, identity, ideology, performance, ethnicity, people-oriented, responsible and accountable. Those Leader/s who will not only do the talk to falsely capture the people’s minds and fail to positively transform their miserable lives and families through empathy and good leadership skills. 

Zimbabwe citizens requires Leaders who do not encourage and promote a divide and rule attitude among the citizens, inciting physical violence, all types of human rights abuses and violations.  But Leaders who will embrace everyone and respect their choices by truly understanding exactly that what prompts a voter to cast his/her ballot in favour of a particular candidate and not the other.  Some desperate leaders are busy attempting to influence the voting choices of the deserted and most vulnerable people in various communities, by handing out fertilizers, food, cash bribery, other inducements and bicycles examples in Binga.  

Such unethical election practices shows that the Leader/s do not have the Citizens best interest at heart because why wait to start to Care- days before voting processes starts.  A vote is not on sale but a voter’s choice. The Question that the Citizens asks, why wait to provide us with temporarily freebies during election time only, when we have been struggling all the way.  Hence has caused rampart immigration exodus in neighbouring countries, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia will soon be flooded due to its exceptional president selection. 

Other international countries continue to have its resources overburdened due to the migration exodus.  Citizens says we do not need temporarily freebies, continued corruption activities to secure votes.  All we need is exceptional government that promotes unity, revives the Country to become Breadbasket of Africa again and enjoy living peaceful lives in our Country.  My Vote my Choice now and in 2023 Presidential elections without freebies.

Beverley Mutandiro
ZHRO Human Rights Liaison Coordinator
Prominent Human Rights Activist